Mymlore.com is a regularly updated website for events, deals and information about Mangalore. We also feature reviews of new restaurants, and recommendations on the best things to see/do/eat in Mangalore. Confused on what to do this weekend? Come to MyMlore.com for the latest in Mangalore.

We are a group of IT professionals who are very enthusiastic about getting to know the latest happenings in Mangalore. We felt that there is very little up-to date information about Mangalore on the internet, hence MyMlore was born.

Drop us a line at info@mymlore.com and tell us what you think!

One Nice Comment to About

  1. A good initiative. You can expand bit by bit i believe. Work on the fonts a bit and make it look more attractive. Include details about all the eateries (with one must try stuff),get aways etc i know its tough but if you guys can do this much am sure you guys can go all the way 🙂
    You can make it like a mangalore wiki, i mean let mangaloreans add what they want and you guys just verify it and make it available in this site.

    All the best and keep up the good work.

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