Sa-Na-Di-Ge at Gold Finch – review by FoodieGrl

I have been to the different restaurants of Gold Finch on various occassions.
Sana-Di-Ge, which welcomes you in hues of a traditional brass lamp light is my favorite.

Crab ghee roast with Neer Dosa/Appam or Plain rice is a must try for sea food lovers.

crab ghee roast at sanadige
Chicken drumstick, crabmeat soup, prawns pulimunchi are other recommended dishes here.
Ragi Manni is one delicious sweet we discovered here.
The Tulu Food festival at Sana Dige was the best assemble of exotic dishes and a heavenly treat for Sea food lovers and Veggies alike. This restaurant is little expensive but best suited for an indulgence in delicacies.

Location:Bunts Hostel Road, Near Jyothi Circle.

Review of La Oasis Restaurant

Just a few months back, we had blogged about a new restaurant in town called ‘la Oasis’ situated at Bejai Church Road. We had also promised a review. This weekend, we decided to keep our end of the deal to our dear readers. We visited the newly opened restaurant for an early dinner and left quite impressed by the ambiance, hospitality and cusine. La Oasis certainly lives upto its promise of being one of the finest dining experiences we have had in Mangalore.

Situated in the second floor of the newly built Pio Mall, ‘la Oasis’ looks opulent yet inviting. Right from the maharaja who welcomes you at the door with a big smile, to the friendly greeter lady who escorts you to your seat, the initial impression leaves you feeling extremely special without being annoyed. Adorned with various Feng-Shui elements, you first enter a circular hallway with an overhanging logo. The interiors looks innovative and contemporary. The entire lighting is low-key and set in multiple bluish etheral hues reminding you of a nightclub.

la Oasis restaurant, Mangalore

The menu had good mix of the familiar Chinese, North Indian and some exotic dishes such as Asian Green Chicken Soup. We opted for the latter and it was an excellent spicy soup similar to the Chicken Machow Soup. The kebabs came in next and they were again some of the best we have had in Mangalore. The marination and grilling was perfect. The impressive cullinary experience was rounded off well with the stuffed rotis (they prefer to call them Masala Rotis), prepared in pure wheat rather than maida.

We didn’t get a chance to visit the roof-top, but from the looks of it, it appears to be sprawling across the entire rooftop of the mall. Apparently, they do have facilities to conduct a big party of over four hundred people or even smaller parties.

To conclude, we would wholeheartedly recommend la Oasis for that extra special experience and delicious food. Keep it up, folks!

New Restaurant – Ever Green

A new restaurant, Ever Green has opened on the Kankanady Bye-pass road (road from Kankanady Circle to Pumpwell, the one with Omega Hospital and Clay Oven Hotel)
It’s been one week since they opened, and still nobody seems to know about it. Mymlore team took upon itself to check it out for all you folks.

We tried out the place on this Sunday. We had Chicken Uruval, Chicken Biriyani, Prawns Curry and Rice. All the dishes were decently done. In this age of rising Onion prices, the amount of Onion in the Chicken Uruval was huge! The taste was very good. Chicken Biriyani was the type we get elsewhere in Mangalore, and was done well. Prawns Curry had very fresh prawns and this dish was also Mangalorean style. All the dishes came fast (not surprising since there weren’t many in the hotel ).

They are planning to add a morning menu of Kerala Dishes soon.

Motimahal Re-opens

Motimahal Hotel, once the premiere hotel in Mangalore has re-opened in time for Christmas and New Year. Motimahal has the restaurants Madhuvan  (pure veg), Mangala (multi-cuisine) , Tai Chien (Chinese) and Night Flight (Pub). Below is Motimahal all decked up for Christmas.

New Andhra Hotel in Mangalore

“Kousalya – Aroma of Andhra” hotel has re-opened near Infosys Kottara office. The hotel is in the Prithvi Residency Lodge. They have authentic Andhra dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Andhra meals in the lunchtime is 35/- for limited meals and 50/- for unlimited meals.

Prawns in Taro’s Nest – Hao Ming

Do you like prawns? Do you like indian chinese food? Then head over to Hao Ming for “Prawns in Taros Nest”.

Hao Ming is situated in Balmatta, with an entrance opposite to the Hotel Prestige. (Does all my directions start with a hotel? :)) Hotel Hao Hao near Juice Junction was actually the parent hotel and both used to be under the same management for sometime.Both were started by a Chinese guy named Louis Wong who has settled here.

Like the imaginative name, this dish had prawns in a thick gravy inside a dish made of taro (yam). Other good stuff at this hotel are fried ice cream and fried rice.

Hotel Narayana

If someone has a single day in Mangalore and wants to try the best of the local cuisine, i would advise them to goto Narayana. Long-time ago local secret, and now a hip rustic local joint to be in, Narayana serves the best fish fry IN THE WORLD. Not for the squeamish and people who want the good-looking hotels. This is a “local” hotel. Tucked in a corner of Bunder, Narayana can be reached by going further on the road from Hampankatta to Hotel Gateway (erstwhile Taj), and then taking a right-turn at the next junction. Any auto-wallah worth his salt should be able to take you there.

Narayana is one of those hotels who serve one dish, but do it extremely well. You get only meals with fish fry here. In fish fry, you have many types of fish, of which Anjal ( and Mathi (Sardine) are the best. Just thinking of these is bringing my mouth watery!

Pro tips: Try to reach before 1, because after this afternoon-rush hits the hotel and you might find yourself waiting in queue (right at the table). Get majjigae (Butter milk) along with the meals, it is a wonderful drink to go with this dish. What makes Narayana special is the powdery gravy with the fry, get lots of it. Mix with the liquid gravy, and goto town.